Urban Chestnut at the North American Beer Awards
Urban Chestnut won 3 GOLD medals in 3 different categories at the North American Beer Awards last week:

Gold       Aramis Pils           German-Style Pilsner

Gold       Pierre's Wit         Belgian-Style Wit (White)

Gold       Maximilian          Weizen Bock

Check out the full results here.

"The North American Beer Awards, held in conjunction with the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest, is a unique event sanctioned by the North American Brewers Association. The competition provides an opportunity for commercially produced beers to be judged against the best beers in the country. The event is conducted as a single blind sampling followed by rank ordering of the entries within a category.

Awards consisting of commemorative Gold, Silver, and Bronze medallions cast with the logo of the North American Brewers Association and the North American Beer Awards are presented annually."
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