UCBC Biergarten Guide

Traditionally in Bavarian Biergartens, it is common to see people with a picnic basket full of tomatoes, radishes, cheese, cured sausage, and pickles. At our Midtown Brewery & Biergarten, we’ll make a picnic basket for you! We also have brats, kebobs, huge pretzels and more!


In the Biergarten, there is only one type of glass, the Krug. In Bavaria, the “normal” size of every beer in Biergartens is 1 liter! We offer Maßkrüge (1 liter steins), but we also offer .5L Krüge. These glasses are designed to fit well in your hand, and the thickness of the glass helps keep the beer from warming up too quickly, which is especially helpful in the St. Louis summer! Steins are nice, which means they have a way of disappearing so it is customary in Bavaria to charge a glassware deposit. At UCBC, we charge a deposit of $12 per .5L stein and $15 for 1L liter steins. If you open a tab with a credit card, we will remove the charge when you return your glasses. Of course, if you’d like to take one home, we’ll simply keep the deposit, and you’ll have a nice stein for drinking UCBC bier at home!

Equality reigns in the Biergarten. People from all walks of life and cultures in Bavaria come together to enjoy the Biergarten! According to the Bavarian Biergarten Ordinance, “Biergartens fulfil important social and communicative functions” so don’t be afraid to chat with Tischnachbarn (people at your table)!


And don’t forget to toast (with eye contact) everyone at the table. It adds to the friendly atmosphere, and don’t worry: the sturdy Biergarten will hold up to a mighty toast!

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