The Box of Bocks: UCBC’s Newest Variety Pack
Introducing the Urban Chestnut Box of Bocks! Our newest Variety Pack features FOUR first-time bottled Bock biers, just in time to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Look for them on shelves in the next few weeks AND at our Maifest celebration on May 9th...keep checking back for updates!

Urbanator: UCBC’s Maifest Bier gives a nod to the tradition of the German annual rite of Spring, but as a Pale Doppelbock it fundamentally changes the “ator" style of Bock Biers in our own, explicitly Urban way.

De Bockle: Ah there once was a Belgian from Uccle, who liked to eat frites with his broth full of cockle. And though he was from near Ghent, and liked his grain well spent. His brewing ability matched his name of De Bockle. (This beer though is actually pretty darn good).

Maximilian: Maximilian I, Duke of Bavaria, was responsible for the permittance of wheat being used in German brewing. As such, we pay our respects to old Max with this traditional Weizenbock ~ a Bock Bier brewed with both wheat malt and a Weiss(wheat)bier yeast strain.

Oxnbräu: When considering the physical attributes of an Ox, one might use similar words to describe this traditional Doppelbock. While we can’t (technically) describe this beer using those powerful adjectives, we can say it’s quite likely you’ll also enjoy this Lager Bier for its sweet & malty character.

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