Urban Chestnut & Schlafly Present Oktoberfest St. Louis 2014
Mark your calendars! Oktoberfest Saint Louis 2014 is set for Sept. 20-21! Just like last year, we’re partnering with our good friends @ Schlafly to bring you 2 days of German food, German music and of course German bier!

Enjoy traditional German fare:

Brats, Currywurst, Pretzels, Über Pretzels

Traditional Oktoberfest contests (be sure to bring your A game!) including:

Masskrüge (stein holding), Fingerhackeln (finger wrestling)

PLENTY of live music featuring:

Über Cool, The Deutschmeister Brass Band, Dave Hylla’s Good Times Band, Patrick Auberry’s Accordion Duo, Larry Hallar, Lucky Dan and Naked Mike, and more!

And for the main attraction:

Choose from over 6 styles of German biers from UCBC and Schlafly - Oktoberfest, Kolsch, Schwarzbier, Oachkatzlschwoaf (Fest Bier), Schnickelfritz (Weissbier), Zwickel, and Dorfbier (Dunkel)

No tickets required.  Buy a glass stein ($10 day of or $8 in advance) and receive $8 liter fills during the entire festival!



BRING CASH* for all purchases...please!!! In effort to cut down on your queue time (your time waiting in line for beer, et al), we will be accepting credit cards at only at one location during the festival.  At this location you will be able to purchase ‘denominated tix’ that you can then use as cash, but why wait in two lines when you only need to wait in one?! 
*ATM will be available on site.
#BRING-CASH!!! #HelpSaveQueues #BRING-CASH!!! #Benjamins #BRING-CASH!!! #Jeffersons




Date: Sep 20th-21st
Time: Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 12pm-7pm
No tickets required: Buy a glass stein ($10 day of or $8 in advance), receive $8 one liter fills
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