UCBC’s Oktoberfest Lager, Oachkatzlchwoaf, now available in lidless 16 oz cans!
O-Katz out of the bag! Urban Chestnut’s Brussels Beer Challenge Gold Medal Award-winning Oktoberfest Lager, Oachkatzlschwoaf, hits shelves August 1st in lidless 16 oz cans! No stein required!

This malty yet well balanced Märzen (Oktoberfest Lager) is easy to drink but difficult to pronounce. That’s why Oachkatzlschwoaf (“owah-kaatzl-sch-woaff”) is lovingly referred to as “O-Katz” by our staff… because only UCBC’s Bavarian-born Brewmaster can pronounce its name correctly. We all agree Bavarian humor can be… interesting.

O-Katz 4-pack UCBC
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