New Fall Variety Pack
Riddle: What has four holes, eight necks, weighs about 16 pounds, and is orange and blue all over?

Hint: No it’s not an orange and blue four-holed, eight necked bowling bowl, it’s the Urban Chestnut Variety Pack and it’s coming again soon to a store near you!

What’s so special about this variety pack you say?!  Well, just like our previous two UCBC variety pack releases this Revolution Orange and Reverence Blue beauty has four windows (holes) that allow you to see the eight, necked(not naked) bottles of beer that together weigh about 16 pounds.  And if that’s not special enough for you, wrap your melon around this:  Besides finding two bottles each of Winged Nut Chestnut Ale and Zwickel Unfiltered Bavarian Lager inside the little fellas, the thrill-seeking, variety-loving, thirsty men and women who take the leap and make the purchase will enjoy two more bottles each of…wait for it…

Oachkatzlscwhoaf Oktoberfest Lager - That’s right! For the first time ever, we are bottling this "export" style lager, brewed for our annual Oktoberfest celebration- a malty yet well balanced bier much like the bier traditionally served at Oktoberfest in Munich, and our fest bier has a tale/tail of its own (Oachkatzlschwoaf translated is “tail of a squirrel”... just a little Bavarian humor….and I do mean a little). (Label shown to the left)

…AND wait for it again…

Count Orlok Black Pumpkin Ale - That’s right (again)! For the first time ever (again), Urban Chestnut is brewing a pumpkin beer and while it is officially a Revolution Series beer, it does have a little German flare- Nosferatu (Bird of Death), aka Count Orlok was THE German Count Dracula. He was a blood-sucking vampire… but being German he must’ve enjoyed beer too, right? We believe it is so and thus have created a Black Pumpkin Wheat Ale in his honor… a bier noir if you will. (Label shown to the left)

So when exactly is “coming again soon”? By our clock, which may be (is) slightly off, we’re looking at the first week of Septemberish.  But…we promise we’ll “social mediate”(FB/Twitter) it to you as soon as it’s released.
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