UCBC In The News
Paste Magazine
Urban Chestnut named one of the 50 best American breweries of the 2010s…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Chicago Tribune
Zwickelbier: It’s time for this beer trend to take off…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
KSDK News Channel 5
Urban Chestnut Flight Bar is now open in St. Louis Airport’s Terminal 2…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St. Louis Magazine
Urban Chestnut’s got a new menu and the new offerings are less European bier hall focused…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
Fox 2 St. Louis
Purina and Urban Chestnut pet adoption event – interview with Purina and the APA of Missouri…WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE.
St. Louis Magazine
Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. and Purina team up again to promote pet adoption…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Urban Chestnut was named one of 16 nationwide recipients of the Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise Award, winning the Small Business category….READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
Sauce Magazine
The U.R.B. is one of Sauce Magazine’s Best New Restaurants of 2017…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Purina is lending its brand name to beer packaging for the first time to raise money to help shelter dogs and cats find homes…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Urban Chestnut’s winning streak continues with the U.R.B.’s pizza…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Paste Magazine
After several different blind tastings, our tasters have come to a consensus about Urban Chestnut: they consistently brew classic German styles better than any other brewery we’ve encountered…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St. Louis Business Journal
Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. has signed on with Major Brands, one of St. Louis’ largest privately held companies, to provide the craft brewer with distribution services in the city of St. Louis…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
KSDK – Show Me St. Louis
Beer for a buck? It’s a real deal you’ll find at urban chestnut’s newest brewery. But there’s a catch- there’s a little work involved…SEE THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
Chicago Tribune
Craft Lagers are having a moment. Try this one: The flagship brew for St. Louis’ Urban Chestnut Brewing, Zwickel is a Kellerbier, which is an unfiltered, unpasteurized German-style lager…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Paste Magazine
Urban Chestnut’s Stammtisch German Pilsner was ranked #1 out of 62 blind-tasted pilsners…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Paste Magazine
Credit has to be given to Urban Chestnut for rocking the hell of out beer styles that all too often escape beer geek notice. This brewery is consistently producing some of the very best German beer styles in the U.S., with results that have been clear via our blind tastings…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. has begun brewing beer at the facility in the German state of Bavaria that it acquired in January…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St. Louis Public Radio
The increasingly competitive craft beer sector has at least two-high-profile St. Louis companies looking to make inroads in Chicago, one of the largest markets in North America…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Draft Magazine
The only thing that ought to surprise us about Urban Chestnut’s plan to open a brewery in Germany is that this sort of thing still surprises us…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Urban Chestnut has reinvented the classic German bierhall for its mammoth Grove brewery…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Fox 2 News
About three years ago a small brewery called Urban Chestnut opened in midtown St. Louis and now they are so popular, they are expanding operations in The Grove neighborhood…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St Louis Post-Dispatch
David Wolfe sees past the blank walls of an old brick warehouse to a light-filled brewery that represents the rapid expansion of his Urban Chestnut Brewing Co…READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Saturday marks the five-year anniversary of InBev reaching a deal to buy Anheuser-Busch. In that time, much has changed at the iconic brewer…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
The Huffington Post
“They call it “beer divergency,” which is a high-falutin’ way of saying they learned the rules of brewing inside and out … so they could know best how to break them…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE (scroll down to the middle of the page)
Draft Magazine
“Brewery expansions worth watching…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE
St Louis Post-Dispatch
“Two-year-old Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. plans to open a second brewery in St. Louis that will quadruple its current brewing capacity and give it the largest footprint of any St. Louis-area craft brewery…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
St Louis Business Journal
“Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. is brewing something new. The St. Louis-based craft brewery is spending $10 million to open a second, 70,000-square-foot brewhouse…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
St Louis Public Radio
“UCBC announced on Monday its plans to build a new brewery in “the Grove” neighborhood located off of Manchester Blvd. The brewery will occupy the former Renard Paper Company building at Manchester and Taylor…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
“On the heels of a tremendously successful first two years in business, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company owners have announced that they are in the planning stages to open a second and significantly larger production brewery also located in the city of St. Louis…”  READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
“It’s hard to believe, but it’s only been two years or so since Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (UCBC) started brewing its fine beers in Midtown…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
St. Louis Business Journal
“Construction on an outdoor beer garden at the Urban Chestnut Brewing Co., at 3229 Washington Ave., is scheduled to begin in the next couple of weeks and be complete in June…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
St. Louis Business Journal
“Urban Chestnut is located in a retrofitted 1920s garage at 3229 Washington Ave. Architect Tom Barnett designed the building, which underwent a rehabilitation totaling more than $1 million in 2007 by Vessel Architecture and Winker Properties. The building now appears on the National Register of Historic Places…” READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
STL Hops
“For those of you who don’t know Florian, he was the man in charge of the A-B’s pilot brewery, which was responsible for putting together some of the craft-style beers in the Michelob series. Born in Bavaria, Florian has been involved in brewing for almost twenty years.”  READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.