Coming Soon: UCBC’s Newest Sampler Pack!
Introducing our newest Revolution vs. Reverence Sampler Pack featuring FOUR first-time bottled biers (three are brand-new brews)! Look for them on shelves in the St. Louis area in the next few weeks...check back for updates!

Fantasyland: - Noun; a place or circumstance existing only in the imagination or as an ideal; dream world. Origin - Midwest "Coast" of the United States. Need we say more?!

SLIPPILS: S-aint L-ouis I-mperial PILS - Spelled backwards or forwards it's the same. And it's not your typical Pilsner, it's more prodigious (maltier), it's more audacious (hoppier), it's less delicate, it's's SLIPPILS to be exact.

Stammtisch: Stammtisch is an informal group meeting held on a regular basis - more directly translating into "table for regulars". Our Stammtisch was brewed to celebrate this idea of community and socializing. It's a traditional German-style Pilsner featuring a blend of Hallertau and Strisselspalt hops, and we think it's the perfect accompaniment to any social gathering.

H.M.S: To recreate a traditional IPA in the proper English fashion, we brewed this beer with all English hops, East Kent Goldings, and all English malts, Maris Otter. As such, this IPA is much like British troops would have enjoyed in India in the late 1700's. However, we must admit a shortcoming...we were not able to sail this beer on any of Her (or His at this time) Majesty's Ships before reaching its final destination.


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