Collaboration Ale, Konomi 好み, to debut at Japanese Festival 2017
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Japan America Society of St. Louis, Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. (4465 Manchester Ave) collaborated with Masumi Sake in Suwa, Japan (St. Louis’ sister city) to brew Konomi 好み, a Japanese Ale brewed with sake yeast. The Masumi Sake Brewery, operated by the Miyasaka family since 1662, discovered and isolated “Brewing Association Yeast Number Seven” the now widest used sake strain in the world, and sent Urban Chestnut their home yeast with which to brew the beer. Konomi 好み debuts Labor Day weekend at the Japanese Festival 2017 at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

In addition to using sake yeast and in homage to the Missouri Botanical Garden, Konomi was also brewed with small quantities of matcha, giving the beer a slight essence of the intense, powered green tea used in tea ceremony, but without overwhelming or competing with the fruity characteristics of the yeast. Rice was also used in a portion of the grain bill. The result is a light and refreshing ale perfect for the warm days of the Japanese Festival.

The name Konomi, agreed upon by Dave Lowry of the Japanese America Society and Katsuhiko Miyasaka, son of the current president and future successor of the Miyasaka Brewery, means “to like” or “to favour” in everyday parlance. However, from the tea ceremony comes a slightly different connotation, wherein konomi is a creative impulse that vivifies something in a new way.

The Japanese Festival takes place Saturday through Monday on Labor Day weekend at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Konomi will be available in the food court at the Japan America Society beer & sake booth.

Kanpai! 乾杯

Konomi (Japanese Ale Brewed with Matcha and Rice)

ABV: 4.5
OG: 11.7
IBU: 20
Malt: Pilsner, Munich, Rice
Hops: Merkur, Huell Melon
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