Beer Divergency

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is an unconventional-minded yet tradition-oriented brewer of craft beer. We like to call our unique brewing philosophy Beer Divergency—a ‘new world meets old world’ brewing approach wherein UCBC provides the beer drinker a divergent path of exploration into the worlds of; modern, American craft beers (our Revolution Series), the traditions of classic European brewing (our Reverence Series), and small batches of Bavarian brewed/imported biers (our Hallertauer Serie).

Accordingly, we have a name that captures this divergent approach to brewing.



The modern day growth or ‘revolution’ of American craft beer is occurring in transformational cities like Denver, Boston, Portland, Seattle, and St. Louis. Urban areas full of craft beer enthusiasts who are actively building and supporting the small, artisan-based communities in which they live.



Our sentiment of ‘reverence’ to old world beer is of second nature to our German-born brewmaster, Florian, who views the chestnut as a symbol of the tradition and heritage of beer. Many European brewers have for centuries utilized chestnut trees to protect their biergartens and bierkellers (shallow underground beer cellars) from the sun.

We have three locations in the city of Saint Louis. Our original location, our Midtown Brewery & Biergarten, which opened in January 2011, is situated in an old 1920′s garage in a district of St. Louis known as Midtown Alley. With its traditional, German biergarten and developing barrel-aging program, our Midtown brewery represents the Reverence side of Beer Divergency. Additionally our second facility, our Grove Brewery & Bierhall (formerly a paper company which was also built in the 1920’s), opened in February 2014, and it is located in a neighborhood nicknamed “The Grove”. We utilize this brewery as the source for the bulk of our beer production and for all of our packaging and distribution. With its large, industrial bierhall and European-inspired cuisine, our second brewery represents the Revolution side of Beer Divergency. In November 2016, we opened The U.R.B. (Urban Research Brewery) located across the street from our Grove Brewery & Bierhall. It houses a small, pilot brewery and a New York-style pizza-by-the-slice counter. The U.R.B. provides us with the capability to brew very small batches of test beers, and guests are invited to sample these beers and provide feedback via their ‘smart’ devices using our online, proprietary survey system. Finally in January 2015, we opened our German brewery in Brewmaster Florian Kuplent’s homeland of Bavaria. Wolnzach, a small town situated in the world’s largest hops producing region, the Hallertau, is now the home of Urban Chestnut Hallertauer Brauerei, where we produce our third series of beers; the Hallertauer Serie: small batches of locally sourced, Bavarian bier.

Regardless of which brewery you may visit, either our Midtown Brewery & Biergarten, our Grove Brewery & Bierhall, The U.R.B., or our Hallertauer Brauerei, all are located in areas with unique histories. Areas that are undergoing revolutions of their own, allowing us to be a part of a vibrant “urban culture” grounded by our “chestnut roots.”

We hope you will visit us at all four locations and experience what Beer Divergency is all about.

3229 Washington Ave St. Louis, MO 63103
4465 Manchester Ave St. Louis, MO 63110
4501 Manchester Ave St. Louis, MO 63110
Am Brunnen 2 Wolnzach, Germany

The first sample is on us…Prost!

~ Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, UCBC