Wolpertinger Returns to UCBC – Jan. 21st!

Wolpertinger 2018

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. is turning 7 years old!! Help us unleash the beast!

When: Sunday, Jan. 21st, 2018 from 1pm-5pm

Where: UCBC Grove Brewery & Bierhall (4465 Manchester Ave, St. Louis MO)

What: Wolpertinger* is our annual, anniversary beer festival celebrating the spirit & community of Saint Louis’ craft brewers. This year’s festival features:

UCBC special releases, including our anniversary brew, Wolpertinger 2018.

Our special guest brewery: La Cumbre Brewing Company from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Beer from 35+ local breweries.

Live music from Saint Boogie Brass Band, Annie and the Fur Trappers, Larry Hallar, plus a traditional alp horn ceremony.

And some German & Non-German fare from UCBC.

We’ll also be showcasing some special beers at The U.R.B. this year leading up to the fest. Details to come!


**Want a chance to win free tickets to this year’s fest?? We’ve got TWO options for you:**


Where’s Wolpi? This year Wolpi will be burrowing in various bars, breweries, and other well-known St. Louis locations leading up to the festival. Be the first to find him using the clues we post, deliver the secret “Wolpi Word,” and he’ll present you with two tickets to this year’s fest!

 Visit The U.R.B.! Enter to win two free tickets just by stopping by The U.R.B. (Urban Research Brewery, 4501 Manchester Ave) and signing up! Official rules found here.

Tickets are available online, at the Grove Brewery & Bierhall (4465 Manchester Ave), and at the Midtown Brewery & Biergarten (3229 Washington Ave).

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*For the unacquainted, the Wolpertinger is a mythical German creature, similar to the American Jackalope, rumored to live in the Bavarian Black Forest. Witness accounts usually describe this nocturnal creature as having the body of a rabbit accompanied by wings, fangs, and antlers. Here at Urban Chestnut, we like to view this storied creature as a symbol for the Craft Beer Community in and around the St. Louis area. Just like the Wolpertinger, displaying distinctive traits from a variety of species, the breweries of St. Louis, who have their own distinctive niches and identities, come together on a rare afternoon in January to form one community of St. Louis brewers... And legend has it... that once you’ve enjoyed enough samples at the festival, you just might spot the actual beast!
Date: Sunday, January 21st
Time: 1-5 p.m.
Location: 4465 Manchester Ave
Tickets: $40
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