Grove Brewery & Bierhall Food
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$4 Deviled Eggs

$4 Pork Rinds 

$8 Warm Pretzel Plate — served warm with Obatzda, Bavarian mustard, and butter

$2 Add Haus Whiz
$3 Just Pretzels

Pommes Frites

Kennebec Potatoes Twice Fried

$6/8 Small/Large — One sauce/Two sauce. All sauces made in house except Heinz Ketchup. $1 Extra sauce

Heinz Ketchup, Curry Sauce, Fry Sauce, Mayonaise, Roasted Garlic Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Curry Mayo

$10 Loaded — Nueske’s Applewood smoked bacon, sour cream, haus whiz, green onion

$10 Poutine — Rotating gravy and Marcoot Creamery cheese curds

Other Things

$9 Corndog — G&W wiener, cornmeal batter, frites

$10 Chopped Salad — Winter squash, Brussels sprouts, provolone, Dodge City salami, chickpeas, Gordal olives, little gem, ricotta salata

$10 Little Gem Salad — Pulled rotisserie chicken, shaved cauliflower, golden raisins, pistachio, little gem, charred scallion buttermilk dressing

$8 Without Chicken

$11 Provoleta — Baked provolone, chimichurri, toasted bread

$11 Currywurst — G&W knackwurst, haus curry sauce, frites, mayonnaise on the side

$11 Grain Bowl — Barley, soft boiled egg, pickled kale, seasonal vegetables, sambal vinaigrette

$12 Cheesy Potato Dumplings — Bubespitzel, raclette, Speck, roasted Ozark Forest mushroom, cauliflower

$15 Rotisserie Chicken — Half Amish chicken, mac n’ cheese, fried sweet potatoes


Served with side salad
$3 - Add fries

$12 Pork Schnitzel —Duroc pork tenderloin, pickled slaw, haus Düsseldorf mustard, soft bun

$12 Fish —Zwickel battered, wild Atlantic cod, malt tartar sauce, lettuce, onion, soft bun

$12 Smash Burger—Twin house-blended beef patties, American cheese, pickles, special sauce, onion, lettuce, soft bun

$12 Veggie Burger —Two veggie patties, American cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, special sauce, soft bun

$13 Cheesesteak—Shaved beef, pickled peppers and onions, haus whiz, hoagie


Choose from: single sausage on a bun or double sausage on a plate
All sausages come with 1 side & potato salad
$2 - Additional side

$10/16 Zwickel Bratwurst — Made for us by our friends at G&W

$10/16 Italian — Duroc pork shoulder, sage, garlic, fennel

$10/16 Bacon & Beet — Duroc pork shoulder, Nueske’s bacon, beet puree

$10/16 Chipotle —Duroc pork shoulder, chipotle chile, garlic


$6 Liege Waffles — Yeast waffles with a sugar shell, chocolate for dipping

$6 Churros —Tossed in cinnamon and sugar, chocolate for dipping


Haus sauerkraut, Pickled peppers and onions, Haus giardiniera, Grilled onions, Roasted peppers, Pickled cabbage slaw