Results for 2013
New Fall Variety Pack  
Riddle: What has four holes, eight necks, weighs about 16 pounds, and is orange and blue all over? Hint: No it’s not an orange and blue four-holed, eight necked bowling bowl, it’s the Urban Chestnut... Learn more.
STL Craft Beer Week 2013  
With over 80 events, the St. Louis Craft Beer week celebrates beer lovers, beer drinkers and beer brewers in St. Louis. Check out what’s happening at UCBC: 8/1 @ 8:30pm: Screening of Crafting a Nation in the... Learn more.
     World Beer Championship  
UCBC received 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in the 2013 World Beer Championship: Wheat Ale Styles! Links to reviews of the winning beers are posted below: 92 • Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (MO)... Learn more.